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Wilder Fields is a technology-enabled food company producing extraordinarily flavorful, fresh, safe, and sustainably grown food for our local community.

Meet the greens

A New Greens Experience

Grown at Chicago's door, by yours truly, using 95% less water and waste than traditional methods.

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All Together Kale
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Everlasting Spring Mix
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Microgreen Variety Pack
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Kale Lifecycle Mix

All Together Kale

5 different varieties of Kale, as only Wilder could do. Inspired and sourced from around the world, and throughout time.

Soft blue hues, majestic scarlet ridges, deep dark greens: a palette worthy of your palette.

Harvested at the point of perfection between baby and adult.

Everlasting Spring Mix

We designed this mix for: Wildly fresh flavor. 100+ varieties were tested. Textured crunches and crisps elevate a buttery base that will last for weeks in your fridge.

Shelflife: 2-6 weeks.


Native to China and Japan. An ancient green so beloved, its cultivar has been lovingly passed between generations for thousands of years to get to you today.

This variety can be sauteed and served hot or enjoyed right out of the container. The cupped leaves provide endless inspiration.

Microgreen Variety Pack

The four most popular microgreens thoughtfully separated in a four-cell container. Choose your own adventure, or combine them all and forge your own.

Known as a superfood, just a pinch of microgreens is nutritionally equivalent to an entire salad.

Celebrated by the best chefs in the world.

Kale Lifecycle Mix

A 360° flavor experience created by all 3 stages of a plant's lifecycle: microgreen, baby, & adult.

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Our Approach

Vertically grown

Pesticide free

Ready to enjoy

The Details

We’re supporting local communities by vertically growing greens in repurposed buildings—reducing CO2 emissions, conserving water, and shortening the distance between harvest and enjoyment.

We never use pesticides or fungicides, providing you and your family the safest, cleanest greens.

Our greens are grown hydroponically, making it convenient for you to eat right away—there’s no need to wash them before you enjoy them.

Traditional agriculture

Wilder Fields

Giving 1,000s of acres of land back to nature

Not just checking boxes

We know you care deeply about the environment. We’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk—growing your greens in neighborhoods near you without pesticides or fertilizers; using 95% less water than traditional methods—reducing our fuel consumption, CO 2 emissions, and waste.

Growing up

All of our operations are indoors, giving 1,000s of acres of land back to nature. We’re talking an entire football field’s worth of produce grown in the size of an average living room.

Radically local

Local isn’t a buzzword to us. Your greens are harvested by your neighbors, right next door, for maximum freshness and tastiness.

Our Tech

Unmatched control and precision

We utilize machine learning, advanced environmental sensing, and image analysis to tailor and maintain optimum growing environments for individual crops through real-time environmental control.

Wilder Fields
Your greens' closest friends
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Our Team

Your greens' closest friends

For too long, greens have been status quo. Spinach, spring mix, romaine—nothing more. We’re here to say, greens are beautiful and should be celebrated unabashedly.

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It’s official: the doors to our new Calumet City (just outside of Chicago) farm open this fall! We couldn’t be more excited to grow in such a sweet spot.

We were born and raised in an inspiring and community-centric incubator in Chicago for the past 4 years at the iconic food hub known as The Plant. The Plant has raised other rising food stars such as: Rumi Spice, Whiner Beer Company, Arize Kombucha, and many more. We will always be proud of our beginnings - and of our entire community at The Plant.