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Microgreens are a trend-right Superfood.

Microgreens are one of the fastest growing produce trends, outpacing leafy greens by 3x.


Grow Revenue

Maximize orders by leveraging 57+ varieties to increase sales by stocking the right product. Our products are backed by customized marketing programs to increase your profit by driving awareness, trial, and repeat purchases.


Save Money

Ready-to-eat, no-need-to-wash microgreens grown pesticide free in clean rooms reduce prep time and labor costs. Resealable, microperforated packaging lengthens shelf life >50%, reducing dollars lost to shrink, returns, and customer churn.


Drive Scale

Our high growing capacity means we maximize your ability to meet peak demand, producing what you need when you need it. Grown with indoor hydroponics in the Midwest, we maximize taste and freshness, shipping within 24 hours of harvest all year round.


Be Confident

We guarantee shelf life for 18 days from harvest. Our turnaround time is 48 hours from order receipt to order shipment. Our fill rate is 98% on all accepted purchase orders.We guarantee 100% of the cost of any recall.

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